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How to Save Money on your Wedding and Still be Pinterest-worthy

The worst part about wedding planning is the budget. You have your Pinterest photos, your dream dress, but wait, how much did you say those chairs cost again?!

But don’t worry, saving money doesn’t mean compromising on your tastes completely. Here are ways to make your budget look a little more palatable.

1: INVITATIONS - Go digital.

There are a ton of ways you can save on wedding invitations, while still staying creative and showing off your style. Traditionally, you send a "Save the Date" card AND THEN the actual invitation.

(Envelopes + paper + postage) x 150 guests x 2 times = a lot of money.

Why not choose one to mail out and one to send online (Paperless Post is still classy and beautiful)? With hundreds of modern templates to choose from that are free, it’s a great way to save a couple hundred dollars and some trees. Plus, most of us live our lives online now - why shouldn’t your wedding invitations too?

OR make it a 3-in-1 deal.

Why not send your Save the Dates as a postcard - you save not only on postage but also on the envelope. And for those who love to travel, postcards are a nice touch to your wedding style and bring back memories of places you both love.

How to Save Money on your Wedding and Still be Pinterest-worthy

And save on those thank you cards! There are apps now that send your friends a thank you as a digital postcard where you can even film a cute video to include.

2: WEDDING VENUE - Be flexible.

Not picky about having your wedding on a particular day? Choose an off-peak season or day like Sunday. Many venues have discounts or cheaper packages if you go with a less popular date, and the difference is usually at least a few thousand dollars!

How to Save Money on your Wedding and Still be Pinterest-worthy

OR change up the venue! 

Pick a beautiful park to have your wedding in. If your venue is at a historical garden, museum or homestead, or even a state or national park, the fee you pay may be tax deductible as a donation. Most of these beautiful public venues and spaces only charge a nominal fee (less than $1000) for an all-day event and setup permit. Increase your sq. footage while saving thousands of dollars! :)

3: WEDDING ARCHES - Rent it instead.

Some people might spend $1k plus just to decorate their entire arch with flowers. While the arch is the focal point of your ceremony (and will literally be in every ceremony picture you have), however, you can still save money by renting out an arch that is beautiful as is.

Spend just $100-200 renting out a nice solid wood arch and then use tulle to add in the touch of elegance. That way, you only need a few flowers on the corners to make it look fantastic.

How to Save Money on your Wedding and Still be Pinterest-worthy

OR go green.

When in doubt, use greenery rather than flowers since they are cheaper but still look great in photos.

4: RECEPTION TABLE DECOR - Go flowerless.

Decrease the amount of fresh flowers you use (so you can stop having a heart attack at the florist) and get creative with other table decor! Do you two love to read? Stack up books instead (and you can even let your guests take them home after as party favors!). Like vintage feels? Use vintage teapots instead, and add just a few flowers inside.  

How to Save Money on your Wedding and Still be Pinterest-worthy

Be creative!

See the pattern here? Think of all the places you can decorate with things other than fresh flowers and you’ll start to see your costs dramatically go down. :)


At the end of the day, wedding budgets that you find online are still very traditional. Take a look at each expense and decide with your fiance what really matters to you both. It’s your wedding, so choose what things you care about! Don’t like cake? Skip it and just offer donuts or cupcakes instead! It is your party, be creative and have it your way.


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