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3 #WeddingGoals from Crazy Rich Asians

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Crazy Rich Asians—a book turned movie that deliciously delivers on the drama, wealth, and fashion of the Singaporean elites. And to top that all of, the movie has a wedding scene dubbed as the “Royal Wedding of Asia”.

Here are 3 dream goals from Araminta and Colin’s ceremony:  

1: Araminta’s wedding dress
Araminta's Wedding Dress from Crazy Rich Asians

Araminta’s show-stopping dress took four months to make with a workroom of 30 women working full-time to do the beading on the gown. It was actually a fitted jumpsuit, with a huge tiered skirt and an elaborate train. The dress was inspired by the actress who played Araminta—Sonoya used to be a ballet dancer and this dress was reminiscent of the ballerinas in Swan Lake and showed off her dancer legs.

Takeaway: Okay, so we can’t all have 30 aunties working on our dress, but when choosing your wedding dress, get inspired by your personality and your background. This wedding is about sharing your style, and that starts with your dress.

2: The bride’s grand entrance
Araminta Walks on Water for Her Grand Wedding Entrance in Crazy Rich Asians

Araminta literally walks down a river.

For all you DIYers out there, here’s how they did it. First, they created a flower-lined aisle using waterproof marine plywood with a reflective mylar-like fabric laminated on top. Then they used water jets and hid them among the plants lining along the aisle to flood the river as soon as the bride stepped on it. Easy right?

3 Wedding Goals from Crazy Rich Asians

Takeaway: You might not be able to walk on water, but don’t be afraid to have fun with your ceremony aisle decor! Skip the standard rose petals, and play around with creative ideas like adding feathers, glitter, or even your favorite quote along your wedding aisle.

3: Kina Grannis singing
Kina Grannis Singing in Crazy Rich Asian's Wedding

The bridal processional music is provided by famous Youtube star, Kina Grannis, who sings a gorgeous rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” It is simple and classic, and balances out the glitz and glamour of the ceremony perfectly.

Takeaway: Among your friends and family, there is probably at least one person (maybe more!) who plays the cello or piano. Ask them to play an instrumental song for your processional music! Live music always adds a nice touch, especially if it’s from a good friend or family member.



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