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Custom Chopsticks with Silk Slip

From $19.80

Ruby Hairpin Set


Fortune Bangle [1]


Custom Chopsticks with Paper Slips

From $130.00

Yin Yang Necklace


Sycee Bangles [2]


Bliss Tea Set


Accessories & Tea Sets

We're the first Asian-American shop for Chinese hair pins, accessories, & Chinese wedding tea set for your ceremony. Complete your outfit with one of our Chinese wedding accessories. Inspired by the pankou knots found on our cheongsam dresses, our Ruby Hair Set features a gorgeous red pankou knot on each hair pin. Or pair your favorite cheongsam with our white pearl hairpin set. If you are wearing a traditional wedding qun kwa for your tea ceremony, consider adorning your wrists with our Fortune Gold Bangle. And finally, our Bliss Chinese wedding tea set has been thoughtfully designed for the modern bride. The words "百年好合" inscribed on the tea cups translates to "May you happily be together for a hundred years."