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5 Fascinating Facts About Traditional Chinese Wedding Flowers

Every country in the world has traditions that are different from other countries. These traditions reflect the people’s values, beliefs, and specialties, making them unique. 

Weddings are a great example of fascinating cultural differences.

Not every culture chooses white for their bridal dress, the same flowers, or the same decorations for weddings. Many people like to celebrate their special day by embracing their culture and tradition. They express it through different colored dresses, decorations, and even custom event flowers.

Chinese weddings are such special days where you can truly witness the culture and tradition come together beautifully. Their weddings are lively and full of color where not only the groom and the bride are joined, but also their respective families.

There are many symbolic aspects of a Chinese wedding, and one of them is the flowers. Read on to learn five amazing facts about Chinese wedding flowers.

5 Facts About Chinese Wedding Flowers

Custom event flowers look enchanting and are also considered lucky at Chinese weddings. Chinese people believe certain flowers bring positivity, good fortune, and good health in one’s life. So, they prefer to have them at their weddings.

1. Flowers as table decorations

Chinese wedding flowers are often used to decorate the tables to make them presentable to the guests. They are usually pink and red in color. These types of flowers are also made into detailed bouquets that line the hallways leading to the wedding ceremony. Sometimes the leaves of the flower bouquets are dusted with gold dust for some extra luck.

2. Bouquet for the bride

Brides don’t typically carry a bouquet, but if they are gifted one by a family member, they will hold it for some wedding photos. The bride’s bouquet can be of the same color as the table decorations: red and pink but with a hint of gold embellishment.

3. Different flower, different meaning

Flowers are the symbol of Chinese culture and tradition. Each flower has its significance.

Lilies are a popular choice among many people. They represent strength and are sometimes gifted as a blessing for the couple’s first child to be a son.

Orchids are also favored at weddings. They are the symbol of happiness, love, wealth, and health.

The lotus flower is another common Chinese wedding flower. A bloomed lotus with a leaf and a bud symbolizes a union. Two bloomed lotuses mean harmony and a shared heart. The lotus buds look like hearts, which is why people love gifting them to the happy couple.

There’s one more flower, the peony, which represents peace and beauty. Sometimes, the guests gift them to the happy couple for a peaceful beginning of a new life.

4. Decorated invitations

If you have ever been invited to a Chinese wedding, you have definitely noticed that there is a lot of red and gold. Red and gold play an essential role in their wedding ceremony, which you will understand after reading the fifth fact. 

Moreover, it will always have the "," meaning double happiness. The envelope and the card itself will also contain symbolic flower prints.

5. Color representation

You may be curious by now to know the meaning of the colors. Let’s end your curiosity!

The color red represents love, fertility, loyalty, and success in Chinese culture.

The color pink symbolizes happiness and is used to repel any evil spirits.

Lastly, the gold color acts as a good luck charm for bringing fortune and wealth.


White, dark purple and dark blue flowers are considered inauspicious. If you want to show your gratitude, remember to avoid flowers with these colors. Go for a safe bet like orchids or lotus buds.

Chinese Traditions to Acknowledge

Chinese weddings can be lengthy and last the whole day. This is because they have many wedding traditions, although that depends on the provinces and families. Some practices are worth mentioning.

  • The Chinese Tea Ceremony: Through this tradition, the bride and groom pay their gratitude, respect, love, and appreciation to their family for loving, supporting, and raising them.
  • Red & Gold Dress and Ornaments: Chinese wedding dress (qipao) is traditionally red with gold embellishments or embroidery. The brides may wear a “double happiness” engraved gold pig ornament to symbolize fortune and prosperity. They sometimes cover their face with a red veil.
  • Exchange of Vows: Just like many cultures, Chinese weddings also consist of the ceremony of exchanging vows. The couple each take their time and read their vows before their beloved family members and friends.
  • Prayer to the God of Marriage: According to Chinese culture, Yuelao is responsible for marriage. The couple prays together to the god of marriage before the ceremony or during their vows.
  • After Marriage Ritual: Three days after the marriage, the bride visits her home with her husband, and a small dinner party or formal meal is set up for them. The groom usually brings a roasted pig as a token of appreciation.


As for any wedding event, flowers are an essential element. Floral arrangements are picked out carefully, usually by the bride, to match the occasion. It’s no exception for Chinese weddings. Being surrounded by fragrant, beautiful flowers on your wedding day is a pleasure for any couple and guests.

Chinese people adore appreciation and gratitude. So, if you want to show appreciation to the happy couple for inviting you, don’t hesitate! Pick a lovely bouquet and gift it. This little act of gratitude will mean a lot to them. It will show that you respect their culture and tradition.

We hope this article has introduced you to a whole new culture and made you appreciate it. Remember what you learned next time you get invited to a Chinese wedding.

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