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8 Chinese Proverbs About Love to Include In Your Wedding

The Chinese language is full of sayings, idioms and adages, many of which are derived from ancient times. One such linguistic tradition in abundance is Chinese love proverbs, which can be incorporated into your own Chinese-American wedding. We’ve handpicked eight Chinese proverbs about love — a lucky number in Chinese culture — along with their corresponding Chinese characters, as well as tips for how to use these Chinese romantic phrases on your special day. 

1. “The lovers are finally together, all shall be well.”


This old Chinese adage suggests that harmony has been restored with the union of the newly wedded couple. After months, if not years, of waiting to formalize their union, couples often face many obstacles in their relationships, and this saying confirms that any struggle was well worth it in the end. 


2. “When I look at you, I see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.”      


If you’re looking for a Chinese proverb that demonstrates just how committed you and your partner are to each other, this might just be the best of any Chinese sayings about love. If you see the rest of your life in your fiancee, they’re probably the one! It’s important to be able to envision a future with your partner, and if you see the rest of your life with your fiance, they’re probably the one!


3. “Together with you is my favorite place to be.”


A sweet and romantic way to express fondness for your loved one, this Chinese love saying is for partners that love nothing more than each other's company. Whether you’re enjoying the small things or some of life’s biggest moments, the one person you always want by your side is your significant other, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 


4. “I’ll hold your hand, and grow old with you.”


For a deeply touching expression of lifelong commitment in love, consider this Chinese phrase to help articulate your deep dedication to your partner and your relationship. This phrase can be a perfect addition to your vows, and would make a worthy alternative to the more western “in sickness and in health.” 


5. “With love water is enough; without love food doesn't satisfy.”


The above phrase has historically been used to express the satisfactory nature of love. Almost as if the lover can survive on love itself, it suggests that love alone is so fulfilling that you would need little else to persist. But, without love, the world can seem empty and everything unsatisfying. This Chinese saying about love can be used to communicate how fulfilling your relationship is and how much light and joy your partner brings into your life. 

6. “Birds flying in the sky as one; branches growing on the earth as one.”


The birds signify kindred and lively spirits, united by love and peace. Branches signify stability, growth and perseverance. Each element is described in its plural form, but as they move closer together they become one in a way that describes conjugal bliss. This Chinese proverb about love, then, becomes a perfect symbolic metaphor to describe the harmony of souls in a relationship. 


7. “Everywhere I look I am reminded of your love”


If you’re constantly reminded of your partner, whether you’re out and see something funny and immediately have to text them, or you have to get them a small gift because you know they would absolutely adore it, then you’re definitely in love. You know your partner better than anyone — their tastes, sense of humor and hobbies, and the time the two of you have spent together has developed an empathetic response where you’re always thinking about eachother. What better Chinese love proverb than this one, which expresses just how well you know your partner and how in love you both are. 


8. “Fate brings people together from far apart.”


This Chinese proverb about love espouses that human relationships are decreed by fate. It suggests that you and your partner were meant to overcome all odds to meet and be together. If fate brings a couple together, it means that there is a reason for the union to occur, reasons that only higher powers or the universe may know. Usually, though, the reasons for a marital union are, of course, for the betterment and happiness of both parties. 


How to incorporate Chinese love proverbs into your Chinese wedding celebration

Chinese Wedding Love Proverbs, Ways to Incorporate Chinese phrases into your wedding

You’ve gone down the list and identified your favorite Chinese proverbs about love, you’ve selected the sayings that really speak to your relationship and now you are wondering just how to incorporate them into your Chinese wedding celebration. Not to worry, we have a number of suggestions for where in your wedding  you can best place your favorite Chinese sayings about love. 


Invitations are the first time guests will hear about the wedding details and have a feel for your wedding theme. At East Meets Dress, we have written a number of tips for how to dress up your Chinese wedding invitations, like using red envelopes, brocade print and Chinese characters, but another way to add both tradition and a romantic phrase to your invitations is to include a love proverb in Chinese, English or both! 

Guest Favors and Wedding Decor: 

Speaking of invitations, on our blog you can also find a number of wedding favors to compliment your Chinese wedding celebration, including customized chopsticks, personalized fans and double happiness boxes, and the perfect wedding decorations. For a romantic touch with a nod to your Chinese heritage, you can have your chopsticks engraved and guest book printed with Chinese love proverbs, and likewise have other favors and decorations printed with a few of your favorite phrases to hand to guests and display around your wedding celebration. 

Wedding Vows

If you’re looking to incorporate a few Chinese love proverbs into your wedding ceremony, the vows are an excellent place to start. Because many of the proverbs express commitment, love and prosperity, sprinkling in a few of these proverbs will only enhance your expression of affection and dedication to your partner. If you are not fluent in Chinese, learning the phrases from a family member or someone who is fluent can add a personal touch. 

Weddings are the perfect occasion for deep and heartfelt expressions of love, dedication and commitment. With these eight Chinese romantic phrases and many ideas for how to incorporate them into your special day, you will be well equipped to express the feelings you and your partner share about each other all throughout your wedding celebration! 


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