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New York City’s Best Chinese Wedding Banquet Venues

If you’ve seen our guide for best Chinese wedding venues in the Bay Area and were wondering what the options were for the East Coast, then we’ve got a treat for you. We’re back again, and this time, we’ve done the work for our New York City brides!

Here, you will find a list of the seven most popular New York Chinese wedding venues from Manhattan to Brooklyn to Queens, with a range of price points and services so that you will be one step closer to booking the banquet venue that meets your needs. If you like any of these venues, make sure you book these banquet halls at least six months in advance, especially for popular auspicious dates in Chinese culture.


Lower East Side, Manhattan

1. Jing Fong Restaurant

Jin Fong Chinese Wedding Banquet Restaurant, New York City

Source: Tony Yang Photography

The Space: Located on Chinatown’s bustling Canal St, Jing Fong is a longstanding upscale dim sum restaurant and banquet hall. The building occupies over 20,000 square feet, with a capacity of 800 guests in their Grand dining hall. Jing Fong’s focus has always been on bringing its guests the traditional Chinese dining experience. 

Jin Fong Chinese Wedding Banquet Restaurant, New York City

The Menu: Jing Fong specializes in authentic and traditional Chinese foods, serving staples like jellyfish, Fish Maw soup, roast duck and roast duck. For information on menu options and prices, please contact the venue. 

Services: Jing Fong’s two locations are equipped with a full bar, and bottle service is available. They have their own signature cocktails and a selection of imported beer and wine to choose from. There are also a couple of stages for performances, flat screen TVs for projecting wedding slideshows, and speakers for entertainment. 

Highlight: Jing Fong’s dining room is massive, holding up to 800 guests, but even if you have fewer than 800, you can book a part of the space, or book the entire space to allow your guests plenty of space to move around freely. 

Things to consider: As one of the better-known Manhattan Chinese wedding venues, Jing Fong is usually pretty booked far in advance, so call as far in advance as possible for a truly well-thought out wedding banquet. 

Reviews: “A great place for wedding receptions, Jing Fong is probably one of the fanciest Chinese restaurants in NYC Chinatown. They have tall escalators, soaring ceilings, thousands of square footages to fit your parties, a number of scintillating chandeliers throughout the whole entire restaurant, a couple of stages for performing if you like, flat screen TVs on the walls, big speakers, a bar, a wall full of wine behind the glass, fancy Chinese food, and more!” — Michelle, Yelp

2. Golden Unicorn

Golden Unicorn Chinese Wedding Banquet Restaurant, New York City

The Space: Golden Unicorn Restaurant on E Broadway claims to be the Lower East Side’s first upscale Cantonese-style dining restaurant. The space features elegant and traditional red-and-gold décor and expansive floor space to host a large party. 

The Menu: When it comes to banquet menus, Golden Unicorn has two preset options: the Deluxe dinner menu and Super Deluxe menu. At $450 a table, a rather reasonable price for a wedding banquet, guests will enjoy cocktail hour appetizers, five main courses that include Peking Duck and Chilean sea bass, rice and noodle dishes, and two desserts. For $708 a table, you can upgrade your menu to Super Deluxe and enjoy eight main courses. Menus are customizable, and Golden Unicorn allows clients to build their own banquet menu if they choose. Clients must pay a 20 percent deposit to secure their reservation. 

Services: The restaurant is equipped with a full bar and has its own selection of beer and wines to choose from. Clients may supply their guests with their own alcohol. Interested guests can request usage of the open bar, dance floor, or audio systems.

Highlight: The space is beautifully decorated with elaborate chandelier lighting and lush red-and-gold decor. To customize the space to their liking, clients can also bring their own decorations. The banquet hall can connect clients with live entertainment, such as lion dancers. 

Things to Consider: Some reviewers have noted that the service can be hit-or-miss, with reports of inattentive waiters, while others have noted excellent service. It may be good to communicate your expectations with the venue. 

Reviews: “We recently had a Chinese wedding banquet at Golden Unicorn, and were really impressed by the attentiveness and professionalism of our contact, Sail, who carried out the banquet perfectly.  We were able to customize our menu to the dishes we wanted and the restaurant ensured that food came out in a timely way. All the dishes were really tasty and our guests enjoyed everything. Sail also made sure that we had a speaker system so that we could have speeches. Our wedding weekend was the best weekend of our lives, and we would recommend Golden Unicorn for anyone who wants a great Chinese banquet.” — Catherine, Yelp


Sunset Park, Brooklyn

3. East Harbor Seafood Palace

East Harbor Seafood Chinese Wedding Banquet Restaurant, New York City

The Space: This elegant Chinese dining hall in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park features tasteful modern decor and large and small tables to arrange to your liking. If your party is smaller, and you would rather not section off the main dining space, East Harbor Seafood offers a number of smaller private rooms to host your Chinese wedding banquet. 

The Menu: Serving fresh and flavorful Cantonese cuisine, including wedding banquet classics like Fish Fin Soup, abalone, and lobster. Please contact the venue for banquet menu options and prices.

Services: The space is fully customizable and guests can bring their own decor. The space also features a screen for photo or video projections, a high quality sound system and a dance floor at the client’s request. The venue also has connections to outside entertainment, including lion dancers. 

Highlights: East Harbor Seafood definitely seems to have higher quality food compared to some other venues and it comes in large portions. 

Things to Consider: If you only book half of the venue for your wedding, it will be partitioned off from the rest of the space, but curious diners may be able to find their way over to your side of the banquet hall

Reviews: “I had my wedding banquet at East Harbor. Such a great experience that went smoothly, all the guests loved the food, ate a lot, and had a good time. If I were to ever have another party here, I would definitely try to come here.” — Tiff, Yelp

4. Park Asia

Park Asia Chinese Wedding Banquet Restaurant, New York City

Source: Ben Lau Photography

The Space: If Sunset Park’s Park Asia restaurant is known for anything, it would be its spectacularly high ceilings and dazzling chandeliers. The sweeping grand dining hall can seat at least 400 guests and the backdrop is bound to look beautiful in your wedding photos. 

Park Asia Chinese Wedding Banquet Restaurant, New York City

Source: Ben Lau Photography

The Menu: Park Asia serves a traditional multi-course banquet. Some dishes they are known for include their lobster salad, roast suckling pig, fried rice, noodles, Dungeness crab, and Chilean bass. They offer a few different menu options based on party size, but please call the venue for specifics on pricing. 

Services: Park Asia offers an open bar with a selection of liquor, beer and wine for a cost at the client’s request. Clients can also bring their own decorations and hire outside vendors and entertainers to customize their wedding banquet.  

Park Asia Chinese Wedding Banquet Restaurant, New York City

Source: Ben Lau Photography

Highlights: Park Asia’s main highlight from reviewers is certainly the elegant and dazzling space, especially now after recent renovations. 

Things to Consider: For this Chinese wedding banquet venue, some reviewers noted that the time between guests arriving and food arriving might be very long. Perhaps speak to the venue ahead of time to ensure that food comes out in a timely manner. 

Reviews: “The place is newly renovated. I had my wedding banquet there, and the food was great but pricey. Their staff is very friendly and cooperative! If you ever want to have a big party here, make sure you reserve ahead of time. Overall, I had a great experience there.” — Ann, Yelp

5. Bamboo Garden

Best Chinese Wedding Banquet Venues in New York City

Coined to be “one of New York’s best dim sum restaurants”, this gem located in the heart of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, provides an excellent dim sum experience during the day and knows how to also turn up for night events. 

Space -  A Michelin review said, “this dining room is as dolled up as ever, with chandeliers, a floral-patterned carpet and plenty of mirrors.” In addition to marble pillars and velvet red seats,  Bamboo Garden has one of the most unique ceiling decors that feature golden fish hanging with glass lights, to make it seem as if there is a giant fish tank above us. In the large dining room, there are around 30 tables which seats 300 guests. 

Menu: With a 5 star rating for food on Tripadvisor, it is hard not to feel excited about the food at Bamboo Garden. Although the restaurant specializes in seafood, they also offer beef, chicken, duck, vegetarian, pork items to choose from. 

Services: Bar service is provided upon request, but guests can also bring their own drinks. There is a large screen for slideshows. 

Highlights: You can request special dishes that aren’t on the menu. 

Things to Consider: Inquire about dividers because other reservations can be made during the same time as your event . Guests will have to bring their own decorations.

Reviews: “Bamboo Garden hosted my wedding banquet and did a great job.  It was a traditional Chinese affair with 13+ courses served over the span of several hours.  Service was great…” - Jerrod, Yelp


Flushing, Queens

6. Dae Dong Manor

Dae Dong Chinese Wedding Banquet Restaurant, New York City

Source: Ben Lau Photography

The Space: Flushing’s Dae Dong Manor is an event catering venue with international chefs that can accommodate any type of international cuisine. There are three different sized party rooms that can hold anywhere from 50 to 400 guests. 

The Menu: The international chefs at Dae Dong manor can adapt to any cuisine of your preference, whether it’s Cantonese, Fuzhounese, Shanghainese, Sichuanese or anything in between, they have you covered, and the menu is fully customizable to your tastes. 

Services: Dae Dong is as much an event venue as they are a catering service. You can completely arrange the space to your liking, including table placement and you can bring your own decorations. Dae Dong also has their own wedding decorations and specialize in elaborate custom party designs, so they can be your all-in-one! They also offer elaborate lights, a karaoke system, and a dance floor at clients’ request. 

Dae Dong Chinese Wedding Banquet Restaurant, New York City

Source: Ben Lau Photography

Highlights: Dae Dong Manor will include flower arrangements for each table, cake, and ice sculptures for free with all wedding bookings. 

Things to Consider: As it can be in New York, parking is a hit-or-miss.

Reviews:I decided to go with Dae Dong because I wanted a Chinese Banquet style wedding in a more elegant ballroom setting. Dae Dong was the only venue I found that delivered this.

Once I visited, I knew this was the right place. I ended up holding my ceremony & reception in the Diamond Hall with cocktail hour in the Emerald Hall, and I chose the 14 course banquet menu. I was most impressed on the day of the wedding. The whole staff worked so quickly and seamlessly to get everything done. Every time we talked to our guests, they raved about how delicious all the food was. Everyone was stuffed by the end of the night and we got to take home any leftovers.” —Rena, Yelp

7. Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel

Sheraton Hotel Chinese Wedding Banquet Restaurant, New York City

Source: Cynthia Chung Photography

The Space: Perhaps an unexpected option, the Sheraton East Hotel in Flushing, being in a prominently Chinese neighborhood, is experienced with throwing a Chinese wedding banquet. They would be a great option to balance both East and West.

The Menu: Just like Dae Dong, the Sheraton is relatively adaptable with serving foods suited for different cultures. They have several multi-course Chinese wedding banquet menus to choose from as well as American menus, and if you speak with their event coordinators, they will be able to communicate with the chef and arrange a tasting with a few different food options.

Services: Sheraton East has, of course, a full bar that clients can rent out for a cocktail hour. They also offer bottle service and you can either choose from their selection or bring your own. They allow clients to bring their own decor and entertainment, and if clients prefer, to hire their own catering. 

Highlights: They already have a number of Chinese wedding staples you can use, including red linens and Dragon and Phoenix wall hangings, which are a must. The bridal party will also have access to a full bridal suite in the hotel to get ready, change dresses, or have a breather. 

Things to Consider: One reviewer noted that the price of the banquet was not much more than it would have been at a Chinese restaurant, and the personal attention and professionalism that they received was unmatched. 

Reviews: “We had our Chinese wedding banquet at the Sheraton, and it exceeded our expectations! The food was fantastic (approved by all of our Chinese family!) and the service in the planning and day of coordination is top notch. We couldn't be happier with how the day turned out, and recommend the Sheraton to anyone planning a banquet!” — Lisa, Weddingwire

8. Royal Queen

Royal Queen Chinese Wedding Banquet Restaurant, New York City

The Space: Perhaps the most well-known banquet hall for weddings, Flushing’s Royal Queen is located inside the famed New World Mall and has been serving up traditional Hong Kong-style cuisine for quite some time. Their banquet hall is well-furnished and decorated, and they have a main dining hall for larger parties, seating upwards of 800 guests, as well as smaller private dining areas for smaller wedding parties.

Royal Queen Chinese Wedding Banquet Restaurant, New York City

The Menu: Along with more traditional fare, including abalone, steamed dungeness crab, bird’s nest soup, beef shank, and sea bass, Royal Queen also offers pan-Asian fare like sushi and sashimi platters. Clients have the option to have Dim Sum dishes served as appetizers as well. Please call the venue for more information on menus and prices. 

Services: Guests can bring their own decor and can rent out a dancefloor. Please contact the venue for available service options, including bar and bottle services. 

Highlights: The venue is definitely one of the more spacious ones in the city, and has a high seating capacity if you have a long guest list. 

Things to Consider: There is no free parking available at this venue. Some reviewers have noted that service was a bit lacking, others noted that although the space is beautiful for weddings, the food was lacking. Though it’s a traditional and well-known option, this venue may leave a bit to be desired in some departments. 

Reviews: “I came here for a wedding banquet and the food was quite excellent. The abalone course was quality and the crispy chicken and whole fish were particularly good. Their cold cuts dish was the best I have had in a very long time. The cake was sourced from the restaurant as well, and it was surprisingly good.” —Jane, Yelp

9. Asian Jewels

Popular Chinese Wedding Banquet Venues in New York CityThis bustling classic dim sum restaurant in the heart of Flushing, Queens serves great food and is a great choice for those looking for a venue to host a Chinese wedding banquet.

The Space - With dark green floors and beautiful white chandeliers, the venue at Asian Jewels is decorated with banquet style tables and bamboo plants.There is a classic red wall with two golden dragon decorations, which makes for a good photo backdrop. There are also glass tanks against the walls with various live seafood. 

The Menu - Asian Jewels has a huge selection of menu items to choose from, from dogfish fin soup to abalone and dried seafood. A Michelin guide praised its food, saying, “this spectacular gem is an absolute must for anyone seeking serious seafood and very authentic Cantonese cooking.” Michelin Guide

Services - A bar service is provided if you call ahead of time to arrange it, but guests can also bring their own drinks. 

Highlights - Various types of parking include street parking, valet parking, garage parking, and private lot parking. 

Things to consider - As with some popular places, food can be “overpriced.”

Reviews - “We went here for a wedding, by far the best wedding food ever in my life! and a lot of other people around us agreed their food and service was the best…” Yippy, Yelp 

10. Good Fortune Restaurant

Best Chinese Wedding Banquet Venues in New York CityGood Fortune Restaurant has an extensive Cantonese menu and a bright, banquet hall feel. 

Space - Gorgeous large chandeliers and wooden floors paired with white table cloths and white cushioned chairs. A cozy designated stage area sound system is offered for large events. 

The Menu - Endless food options to choose from at Good Fortune Restaurant. They offer 10 banquet style menus and the prices increase as more meals are added. The cheapest option is priced at $388 and includes dishes such as lobster with ginger and scallion and steamed whole fish. The priciest option at $1,888 includes lobster salad and dragon fruit with desserts such as lotus seed with lily. 

Services - A screen and speakers can be set up upon request. The screen can be used for slideshow pictures, videos, etc. There is also a large dance floor available. 

Highlights - Ample and convenient free parking is available along with valet parking given that it’s in a crowded area. 

Things to Consider - Other weddings could be happening the same time so remember to request and ask about closing off partitions. As such, music and sound from other events happening at the same time can be heard. 

Reviews - This place is HUGE. Great for a Chinese Wedding…” -  Winnie, Yelp 



New York City has one of the largest Chinese American populations in the U.S. so there’s no shortage of great Chinese food to choose from, but finding the right wedding banquet venue can still be hard. 

While there are dozens of New York Chinese wedding venues to choose from beyond this list, we hope this guide will provide our New York brides a head start on planning their Chinese wedding banquet and finding the right Chinese wedding venue for them.

If you are interested in any of the venues, we recommend you schedule an in-person site tour with the venue or dine at the venue beforehand. After all, seeing it in person and tasting the yummy food is the best way to know if the venue meets all your needs.

Be sure to check out our blog for more guides on banquet planning, decorations, and traditional foods for your Chinese wedding banquet.


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