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Custom Engraved Chopsticks: A Unique Asian-Inspired Wedding Guest Favor

One of the most important aspects of Asian culture is our love of food. Ask an Asian person from anywhere and they will almost certainly claim their regional cuisine is the best. So when you’re looking to honor your heritage for your wedding with a wedding favor, giving your guests a reminder of that through personalized chopsticks is a wonderful idea.

Custom Chopsticks for Chinese Wedding Guest Favors

The Chinese people have been utilizing chopsticks at least since 1200 BC. The earliest evidence of chopsticks was found in the Yinxu archeological ruins in the Henan province in China. They were heavy bronze sets mainly utilized for cooking.

As chopsticks spread throughout the continent, their shape, size, and material evolved. Now we have wood or bamboo chopsticks that are not only much lighter in weight compared to the bronze sets, but also can easily be personalized to carry your special message!


We love personalized chopsticks as Chinese wedding guest favors because there are so many ways you can bring your personality and style into it.

Here are 5 ways to engrave your custom chopsticks and make it a unique wedding favor gift for your guests:

Custom Chopsticks for Chinese Wedding Guest Favor Gifts


1: Names and Date

    Custom Chopsticks, Unique Chinese Wedding Guest Favor Idea

    Nothing is more unforgettable than putting the happy couple’s names and wedding date on each chopstick.

    2: Wedding Hashtag

    Your maid of honor has come up with the most clever wedding hashtag ever? Put it on your chopstick! Encourage all your guests to use it and maybe you will be trending on social media! If you need help coming up with a wedding hashtag, you can always try various combinations of your names to create something punny or incorporate a popular wedding phrase with a twist on it.

    3: Wedding Venue

    Are you getting married in a very special place or hosting a romantic destination wedding? Include the venue on your chopstick so your guests will always be reminded of your dreamy venue.

    Chinese Custom Chopstick Engraving Ideas

    4: Inside Joke

    Make special pairs of chopsticks with your inside jokes! Maybe just for your wedding party and/or close friends, so you can share a special laugh. We have many couples who choose a famous quote from their favorite movie to a line from their vows as part of their engraving. 

    5: Chinese Phrases

    There are so many special romantic wedding phrases in Chinese to send love and good wishes to the happy couple. 

    • 百年好合: literally translated as harmonious union that lasts one hundred years, aka forever
    • 永结同心: forever linked in your hearts
    • 白头偕老: staying together until your hair turns gray
    • 互敬互爱: honoring each other with mutual respect and love
    • 心心相印: may your hearts reflect each other; may you see heart-to-heart
    Bonus: Multilingual Engravings

    Is one language not sufficient to express your love and to honor your heritage? We feel ya. That’s why we offer engravings in multiple languages AND on both front and back of the chopsticks to celebrate the multilingual and multidimensional you!

    Multilingual Custom Engraved Chopsticks Wedding Favors by East Meets Dress


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