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How 6 Brides Rocked their Chinese Wedding Dress (Qipao) at their Wedding

From traditional to modern cheongsam styles, here is how six brides styled their Chinese cheongsam (qipao) for their wedding. Get inspired for your own Chinese wedding dress!

1: Red & Gold Qipao

Chinese Wedding Dress: Traditional Cheongsam (Qipao) Wedding Dress on Bride Cory

Featuring a custom Vienna qipao dress

Cory wore a red and gold lace cheongsam dress for her wedding reception. Red and gold are both popular and lucky colors to wear when celebrating your Chinese heritage at your wedding. Her traditional cheongsam wedding dress has two side slits, allowing for greater flexibility when it comes to kneeling during the tea ceremony, or dancing the first dance! 

2: Pink Floral Lace Qipao

Chinese Wedding Dress: Modern Cheongsam (Qipao) Wedding Dress on Bride Erica

Featuring the Amelia dress

Erica chose the modern route and selected a pink cheongsam wedding dress. The A-line silhouette is a popular choice for those who want to be comfortable as well as stylish on their wedding day. For those who are having weddings in the summer, an open back cheongsam could be a fun idea to stay cool and make an eye-catching statement.

3: Modern White Qipao

Chinese Wedding Dress: Modern Cheongsam (Qipao) Wedding Dress on Bride Julia

Featuring the Marilyn dress in white

For her Chinese wedding dress, Julia chose a floral sheath cheongsam with a side slit. The side slit helps her move around the dancefloor more easily while the stretch fabric also allows for greater comfort and flexibility. Plus that sheer mesh back and side panel had everyone turning their heads. The qipao fabric used in this dress provides a beautiful twist on the traditional look.

4: Red Mermaid Qipao

Chinese Wedding Dress: Traditional Cheongsam (Qipao) Wedding Dress on Bride Ella

Featuring the Emma dress in red

Ella chose to go with red for her cheongsam wedding dress. The pankou knots on her cheongsam are a nod to the pankou knots traditionally used on qipaos as buttons. Her dress adds a modern flair with its mermaid silhouette and soft red lace.

5: Red Qipao with Keyhole

Chinese Wedding Dress: Modern Cheongsam (Qipao) Wedding Dress on Bride Laura

Laura created her own custom cheongsam dress for her wedding that allowed her to add her own style to the dress. She added a keyhole in the front, which is perfect for those who are not used to wearing a mandarin collar to create some breathing room. 

6: Traditional Qun Kwa

Chinese Wedding Dress: Traditional Qun Kwa Wedding Dress on Bride Miranda

Featuring the Cleopatra Qun Kwa

Miranda chose a traditional Chinese wedding dress called a qun kwa. It’s a two-piece dress featuring a jacket and a long skirt. She accessorized the ornate qun kwa dress with our Ruby hairpins.

We love working with brides to find the right Chinese wedding dress for their style. How will you incorporate your style into your own dress? 


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