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How to Plan a Budget Wedding Like the One You Dreamed of

The best thing about daydreaming is that there is no limit to it, and you can go on dreaming about your big day as the wedding bell starts ringing. With all those exotic wedding collections and expositions we see on Instagram and Pinterest, who can resist dreaming after all! 

However, when it comes to reality, the wedding budget can make anyone biting their nails. For you may fear bankruptcy!

But, hang on! Just like every expensive event is not always enchanting, everything that’s enchant-able is not necessarily expensive! Sometimes all you need is good taste, creativity, and essentially, smart management to make your dream wedding come true. Always follow this few rules:

  1. Plan ahead of time.
  2. Keep the budget within your means.
  3. Follow your budget firmly but leave some room for a little flexibility.
  4. Set your priorities and start spending accordingly. 

Also, you'll need a little help with ideas! So, here are some wholesome ones to help with your budget management:

The venue is a vital issue: 

Your beautiful wedding needs a beautiful venue, or else all the money spent on the exquisite decorations and your wedding photography/cinematography seem to go to waste. But only beauty will not do. They need to have good facilities, smooth service, and above all, delectable food and beverage, something like, Denver wedding venue. Their charges can be a bit higher, but they will assure you value for money.

However, for this ongoing covid situation, venues are now offering discounts.  You can also cut a little of your cost hereby being flexible about the time and date. Go to their websites and check the price list. The charges may be different based on the month, day, or time depending on the amount of rush they get. Usually, evening weddings are priced higher than day weddings. If you choose a time and date considering all these factors, you may sum up a date at a much lower price.

Food, beverage, and the venue are the three core ingredients of any party. Get these three things right, then half of your war is won. Therefore, reserve half or a bit more of your total budget for these. Don’t overspend, but take care not to compromise with their qualities. 

Bring Your Wine

Ask your venue manager if you can bring the wine from your home since getting it from them could be pretty costly.  They still may charge for serving though; yet, that would be more convenient. 

Backyard Wedding: Yay or Nay?

A backyard wedding can be amazing as well. But, if you are planning to cut the cost of your wedding venue, then that may not prove to be much helpful.  As said earlier, it’s not all about the space; you have to get it ready for a wedding venue.

That means it has to ensure proper lighting, sound system, generator, and security. You may also need to build bathrooms and make enough space for dinner and dining. That is a whole lot of work and will not be any less expensive. But if you want to do this, then ask your friends to help you with their ideas. Sharing their gifts with your guests can be a wonderful solution for a heart-melting wedding.

Be Honest To Your Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner should get your budget loud and clear. Also, let them know your wishes and priorities to plan and spend accordingly, so they don’t end up exceeding your budget splurging money on things you least wanted. Thus you can save time and energy too on both ends.

Now the question is, do you need to hire a wedding planner at all when your budget is a bit tight? Well, there are benefits of having an expert on your side who knows ways and techniques for getting things done. Therefore, they are usually able to help you out regardless of the amount you are willing to spend. 

If they know what you want and how you want it, under the range of your budget, they will figure out a way to meet your expectation or may suggest a closer or better alternative. Whereas, you may end up overspending unknowingly, for the lack of your experience, by trying to do it yourself.  

Go with the Season

It would be clever to choose seasonal flowers for your overall floral arrangements. They will also make great bridesmaids bouquet while adorned with pearls, or pendants, or you can use colorful ribbons tool. This will help you tone down your budget a bit while you may spend a little more money on your exotic bridal bouquet. 

Say No to a Long Guest List

Nowadays, as we are maintaining social distance, the smaller the gathering, the better.  It is better for your budget as well. Your budget depends a lot on the number of guests you are inviting. With every headcount, your expense will go up in all aspects. Therefore, you may fail to maintain a quality arrangement while trying to accommodate a large group of invitees within your moderate budget.

So, keep it short, to make it grand. On your big day, only your loved ones matter!

Spice it up with a Twist

Creativity is always your best friend when it comes to saving money. So think of something extraordinary and exciting, something you guests have never experienced before. You may replicate a wedding of a different culture. It can be something like an Asian wedding with traditional costumes, favors, and ceremonies; like, film stars do! 

Finally, Do Your Best, But be Yourself

Don’t go extravagant, don’t overdo.  Spend as much as you honestly can afford. Let your wedding mirror your true self and the magical love that's bonding you forever and for eternity.


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