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Love in the Time of Covid

2020 brides, we feel you. We are currently experiencing an unprecedented time in history, and we just wanted to remind you that you’re not alone.

We reached out to our community to see how other brides are responding to COVID19 disruptions and what actions they’ve taken to still celebrate their love with their family and friends. 

East Meets Dress Chinese Wedding Bridals, COVID19 Disruption StatisticsEast Meets Dress Chinese Wedding Bridals, COVID19 Disruption StatisticsEast Meets Dress Chinese Wedding Bridals, COVID19 Disruption Statistics

- 61% of brides are changing their date, while 39% are keeping their dates the same. 

- Most brides (78%) are struggling to find a new auspicious date for their wedding.

- 81% of brides still want to have a family-style Asian banquet. Traditions are traditions after all!

If you are planning to reschedule your wedding, many of our community members mentioned sending out “Postpone the Date” cards to let their guests know. For those who are still planning, make sure you consider that as part of your budget just in case (or go digital to save money)!

Words from our community— “Stay strong, hang in there, it’s okay to cry but let’s support each other during this difficult time.” @Tonylaii

Read more on our brides’ individual stories below!

The ones who made the hard decision to cancel: 

- Our wedding was set for August 15 but we’ve had to cancel. @Xolove88

- Cancelled the small family wedding in the mountains in Alaska. Might elope! @meh.lani

- We eloped 2019, planned a 2021 reception for our loved ones! Sadly had to cancel. @Blisslotus

The ones who decided to postpone their wedding: 

We decided to delay our wedding by six months because we were concerned about our elderly family @Tonylaii

We postponed ours to Oct 2021. Parents and relatives have to travel from asia. @Meilichen91

From fall 2020 to TBD 2021 @Hueyo

Wedding was supposed to be 04/17 but changed to 12/27 @Ciel027

My fiancee and I had to postpone our wedding from 06.06.2020 to 05.15.2021 @Cat_with_a_sea

Made the difficult call this past weekend to postpone our June wedding @alwayshahngry

Postponed a whole year :( @Mei.y.l

We rescheduled our August 15 wedding to February 6 of next year and cancelled the parties. @Mysassyjd

It was very stressful as we had planned it for a couple of years and we were very excited as it came near. Everything went downhill when we heard relatives from China and Philippines had to cancel their flights and soon after relatives from mainland US couldn't fly to Hawaii and then Hawaii ordered no gathering of more than 10 people. We were heartbroken but we decided what's a wedding if our loved ones can't be there with us healthy and safe. We had to contact all vendors and venues and everyone was very understanding and let us reschedule for a later date with no added cost. We are hoping we will be good to go for our new date. 

We decided on a later date hoping the pandemic will be over. We consulted with parents on which ideal date is an auspicious date. We gave them three or four different dates to look at. We asked for at least two possible dates so we can give those to the venues to try to see a match on scheduling. We have different venues for ceremony and reception. @charles_ai_

The ones who are trying something new in light of the circumstances:

Held virtual ceremony instead! We already had our paperwork done before (orig. 3/27/20) @Shanisem

We had to postpone our March 20th wedding. We are having our ceremony on May 24th. @Kimmi_luu_who

We might just have a tiny ceremony and postpone the big wedding to next year @Jeesee18

Still monitoring if October 2020 is okay. If not, will continue with at least civil ceremony in Oct @Ranmafan13

Monitoring situation. Seems likely we postpone or have a smaller wedding enforcing 6 ft apart @Vickytoriali

Still doing legal ceremony in my cheongsam dress with 2 witnesses. Vow renewal in 2021! @Alwayshahngry

We were supposed to get married on 2nd of May. We postponed it until the 5th of September. Nevertheless, we spent the day at our wedding location: Kijkduin Beach (The Hague, the Netherlands). We had a gorgeous sunny day with our dog <3 @Meilingo

My fiancé and I are getting married on October 15!!! Postponing isn't really an option for us so we will most likely do an intimate tea ceremony instead of a wedding and have a reception celebration party some time next year when things go back to normal. I am super excited to be a part of my new family's culture for our wedding day and am especially excited to wear a cheongsam!!! @Shellululuby

I was so excited for our wedding scheduled 5/10/20 in Michigan but we made the decision to postpone until next year for the safety and financial repercussions of this virus to our friends and family. With everything going on, we've decided to still get married on the same date! As soon as we made this decision, we got excited again. @Faylobay

The ones we’re keeping our fingers crossed for: 

Hopefully not [postponing] regarding the wedding but planning a lot of plan b scenarios just in case. @Aliceinwondrland

Our venue isn’t letting us change our date, but most of our guests have canceled. Ahh! @Lunchandlayovers

My wedding is in July, haven’t had to change it yet. But still waiting for the venue to open. @Christylchen

We were suppose to be married 4/5/2020. A small elopement with close family and friends in Colorado (we are living in Detroit). It was a date I consulted my dad and grandmother on. They gave me a list of dates for 2020 that would be good dates. So our wedding is delayed indefinitely because of the pandemic since we still can’t plan anything. Just sitting in limbo until the country really opens back up again. We have a Chinese banquet planned for September 2020 in NYC, where most of my family live. But we might have to consider moving it to 2021. @Tina.says.knits

We have 2 ceremonies planned: 7/11 for a tea ceremony (family only)  and 11/21 for our western ceremony. We’re in NJ so the situation is a bit up in the air right now since our stay at home orders are still on until further notice. Since the tea ceremony is small, we’re not going to make a final decision until the beginning of June. @Finding_a

The date we had (10/10/20) is still pretty far out, so we’re playing it by ear. We also already had a backup date (2/21/21) pre-Covid since we weren’t sure if we’d have enough time to plan the wedding (got engaged in Feb). @yichinsun


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