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Planning a Microwedding? Here are some tips & benefits

Since the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, wedding couples have found themselves with one question: what should we do about our wedding?

Luckily, love is never cancelled, and we’ve seen an increase in the number of microweddings and minimonies held this year. If you’re thinking about whether to plan a microwedding for your own wedding, read on below about the key features and benefits of having a microwedding.

What is a micro wedding?

Microwedding Wedding Ideas | Small Minimony

The Knot defines a microwedding as a small wedding with your immediate family and closest friends, typically no more than 50 guests. The size of the wedding guest list clearly helps in terms of meeting health guidelines for wedding parties in this COVID19 era, but also increases the amount of freedom you have in creating a wedding that is truly you and your partner’s style. While you still might have the basics of a wedding, from the ceremony to the reception, you have more flexibility in where and how you choose to celebrate. 

Microweddings are not the same as a minimony, however. For couples who still want to have a large party with all their friends, you might want to consider having a minimony instead and save the reception, or “sequel wedding” for 2021 or later. A minimony usually involves an officiant (in-person or virtual) and a small group of loved ones, and is mainly a commitment ceremony between you and your partner. It’s a great way to still be able to celebrate your original wedding date, and start your new life as a married couple without the delay.

Benefits of having a microwedding

Smaller weddings create a more intimate affair

Microwedding Wedding Ideas | Small Chinese Tea Ceremony

A microwedding with fewer guests means you’ll actually be able to connect with everyone at your wedding. Rather than feeling guilty deciding on a guest list (and whether to invite that one work acquaintance who might feel left out), this more intimate event makes sure just the most important people are truly there.

Microwedding Wedding Ideas | Personalized Wedding Guest Favor Chopsticks

When you have fewer than 50 or even 20 guests, you’re able to have handwritten notes for each of them, spend quality time with them throughout the evening or weekend, and perhaps even splurge on expenses such as housing accommodations for all your guests. Personalized favors for each guest is also more feasible—such as our custom wedding chopsticks.  

Save, or Splurge When Wedding Planning

Microwedding Wedding Ideas | Small Minimony Sit-Down Dinner

With fewer guests, microweddings can be more budget-friendly than a typical wedding with over 150 guests. Food and alcohol is typically one of the most expensive items on a wedding budget, so that naturally is more affordable in a microwedding. 

Microwedding Wedding Ideas | Chinese Cheongsam Dress

However, some couples are also choosing instead to spend the same amount for their microwedding, allowing them to create experiences that may have been infeasible with a larger guest count. If there is one item you dream of splurging on, a microwedding can be the perfect way to make that happen. For example, do you have a dream wedding dress in mind? If you’re planning to have a Chinese tea ceremony, consider splurging on a modern cheongsam dress with a luxurious train that will make any bride feel like an empress.

Create Out of the Box Experiences For Your Wedding Guests

Microwedding Wedding Ideas | Glamping

There are no rules when it comes to how you want to organize your microwedding. So let your creativity and imagination run free. For those who love the outdoors, we’ve seen wedding couples who have held picnics outdoors or gone glamping with their guests. You can work with your venue to create more interactive experiences. For those who love wine, consider creating a wine tasting experience that walks your guests through all your favorite places you’ve been in the world. 

Your Wedding Food Options Just Got Better

Microwedding Wedding Ideas | Chinese Wedding Dessert Ideas

If you’re a foodie, a microwedding can give you the opportunity to share your love of food with your closest family and friends. With fewer guests, you can take the time to find your favorite restaurant to cater, or even have a fully sit-down dinner. If you’re foregoing a traditional Chinese wedding banquet, you can consider customizing your microwedding menu to still include some traditional Chinese banquet dishes, such as lobster and chicken, or abalone. Dessert is another place you can express your style and creativity. Instead of a traditional cake, you can consider offering a selection of delicious Chinese traditional dessert items, from red bean soup to traditional bridal pastries. 

The beauty of microweddings makes the saying “less is more” truer than ever. Micro-weddings have increased in popularity during this pandemic, so if a smaller wedding sounds appealing to you, know you are in good company.


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