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The Most Impactful Part of Your Wedding Makeup Routine and Other Tips from Mari Marry

How did you get started doing makeup and/or hair?

Hello! I’m Nadia Fung, a makeup artist and hairstylist from Mari Marry based in San Francisco, Bay Area. I have always enjoyed art and painting and have degrees in both Fine Arts and Graphic Design. As much as I like working with computer graphics, I enjoy working with people face-to-face more. 

I discovered my passion for makeup and hair in 2004 when I took my first makeup class from Makeup Secret Academic in Hong Kong. I liked the magic of makeup and loved seeing my clients delighted afterward.

What are some tips for doing makeup for Asian brides?

East Meets Dress Asian American Makeup Tips for Brides with Mari Marry

Similar to doing makeup for any bride, as a makeup artist, I always carefully choose a style that matches the personality, skin type, and wedding dress of my bride and ensure it's something that they also like and are comfortable with. From there, it's then important to choose colors that match their unique character and features.

What do you think is the most impactful part of the makeup routine?

East Meets Dress Asian American Makeup Tips for Brides with Mari Marry

The most impactful part is prepping your skin. I spend a lot of time preparing my client's skin before applying any makeup. It is very important to have a good base similar to having a clear canvas for painting. Sometimes, I will prep my client's skin by putting on a facial mask before doing the makeup session or doing a face massage with facial oil.

What is the most popular style for bridal makeup for Asian brides?

East Meets Dress Asian American Makeup Tips for Brides with Mari Marry

Many Asian brides choose a Korean makeup style since it is a timeless style that focuses on natural beauty and emphasizes soft, dewy features.

What are some trends you love? What are some trends you are not a fan of? 

I am open to experimenting with all kinds of styles but for brides, I recommend picking a style that will match their personality. You don't have to choose a style just because it is trendy that year. Be yourself and try to not choose a style that contrasts with your personality. Everyone is unique and we have our own signature style.

Any makeup tips when wearing a red cheongsam dress?

East Meets Dress Asian American Makeup Tips for Brides with Mari Marry

When wearing a red cheongsam dress, I recommend picking a soft or red lip color that matches the dress. After wearing the red cheongsam dress, you could then change your lip color to match your white wedding gown.

How should a bride go about finding the right MUA for them?

East Meets Dress Asian American Makeup Tips for Brides with Mari MarryA bride should look into a makeup artist's portfolio and their work. If you are leaning towards their style and aesthetic, then start a conversation with them via email and schedule a trial.

It is important to let your MUA know your makeup and hairstyle preferences. If you have trouble deciding on your preferences, you can search for some inspirational pictures with brides who are similar in age and skin color as you.

During the trial, you should go over the styles and looks that you have chosen and put them to the test.

You may love a photo that you found on social media but realize during the trial that it doesn't really suit you. The trial ensures that we've perfected the look and ironed out the details in advance. It also gives the MUA a chance to work with your skin and hair and see which products are right for you.

What do you recommend an Asian bride tell their makeup artist to get the right look for their big day?

East Meets Dress Asian American Makeup Tips for Brides with Mari MarryTell us your likes and dislikes for your makeup and the particular style that you would like to wear. It's also helpful to tell your MUA about your background, show them your wedding dress, red cheongsam dress and all the accessories that you are planning to incorporate into your style.

Additionally, telling us about your plan for your wedding ceremony such as the tea ceremony, first look moment, and wedding dance would be helpful.

What are some tips on how to choose the right hairstyle for a bride?

East Meets Dress Asian American Makeup Tips for Brides with Mari MarryYou can choose a hairstyle based on your face shape, hair color, hair length, hair texture, dress, and accessories. Some hairstyles are more suitable for indoor ceremonies than outdoor ceremonies. You can look for some inspirational pictures to give you some ideas.

Social media has a lot of resources but it is very easy for you to feel overwhelmed. I highly recommend looking at photos of women who have similar hair color, texture, density, and length.

For example, if you have dark-colored hair and are not planning to dye a lighter color, it would be helpful to search up dark-colored hairstyles.

If you stumble upon blonde hairstyles, they will look different on dark hair. Blonde hair shows significantly more detail than dark hair which would give you a different result with darker-colored hair.

Additionally, if your hair is on the thinner side of the spectrum, you may need hair extensions to create gigantic braid styles.

What are some hairstyles you recommend when wearing a cheongsam dress?

When you are wearing a cheongsam dress, I would recommend having an updo! An updo would create a clean look and show your beautiful neckline. 

What are the most popular bridal hairstyles for Asian brides?

East Meets Dress Asian American Makeup Tips for Brides with Mari MarryMost brides like a clean updo to go along with their cheongsam dress and a soft loose updo, half up or braid for their white wedding gown. Most brides choose to change their hairstyles 2-3 times during their ceremonies, and we can help you choose your hairstyles depending on your dress and ceremony themes.


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Mari Marry is based in San Francisco Bay Area, CA. We offer professional makeup and hairstyling services for celebrities, weddings, bridal parties, the bride, and corporate events. Our goal is to have all of our clients feel satisfied and blessed on their wedding day. We want to make their dream day a reality.

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