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5 Inspirational Red Cheongsams That Will Make You Go 😍

Get inspired by these red cheongsams as you get ready for your wedding or tea ceremony. Red symbolizes both happiness and good fortune in Chinese culture, so what better way to celebrate with your future families than donning a beautiful red cheongsam (qipao) wedding dress.

1. The one that makes a grand entrance 



Red and gold in Chinese wedding dresses go together like cookies and cream, Beyonce and Solange, and peanut butter & jelly. Wow your guests with a cheongsam (qipao) that features intricate gold embroidery and a beautiful train. 


2. The one with the eye-catching back




When picking out a design for your cheongsam (qipao) dress, don't forget about the back! Get inspired by this sheer back design with lace embroidery—this is a back you won't forget. 

3. The one that makes you want to watch "In The Mood for Love" again


High collars for the cheongsam make the dress instantly more vintage and romantic. If you want to channel Maggie Cheung for your Chinese wedding dress, get inspired by this hand embroidered silk cheongsam. 

4. The one with the asymmetrical shoulder



Modernize your wedding cheongsam dress with a sheer asymmetrical shoulder—it's sexy yet subtle. And if someone doesn't like your dress, give them the cold shoulder. 

5. The one with the capelet 




Who doesn't love a transforming cheongsam wedding dress? Get inspired by this two-piece cheongsam. Keep yourself warm with a capelet for your wedding ceremony and then go strapless afterwards for your dancing. 


See any that sparks your imagination? You can contact us here to make a wedding cheongsam today.