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Looking for Chinese groom outfits? Here are some ideas on how you two can match and show up to your wedding like the power couple we know you are. If you are wearing a traditional Chinese wedding dress (also known as a qun kwa or qun kua), you can have your fiance match with his own changshan like our Han jacket. If you and your fiance want to go a more modern route, you can consider having your fiance wear just a changshan jacket. The more traditional ones feature brocade fabric, a common silk fabric that often has embroidery patterns of dragons and phoenix tails. For example, our Shang jacket features an asymmetrical red and gold dragon pattern. The dragon represents the groom in Chinese wedding culture and together, the dragon and phoenix together symbolize good luck and harmony in marriage. The wedding is a celebration of both of your backgrounds and heritage, so choose the option that feels right for the two of you.