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5 Tips for Storing Your Cheongsam Wedding Dress

Many modern brides enjoy wearing gorgeous traditional Chinese wedding dresses during their Asian American weddings. Also, many of them are wondering how to properly store them right after. Cheongsam is usually made from the best quality fabric, such as silk. It's adorned with delicate hand-sewn embroidery and exquisite embellishments and sequins. Therefore, it can't endure any harshness. It's clear how important it is to take good care of your dress if you want to store it for a long time. Every bride will agree that even if they wear their wedding dress only once in a lifetime, it's worth preserving the value and quality of it in its prime condition. Here are five tips for storing your Cheongsam wedding dress.

#1 Keep the dress out of sight before the wedding day

If you bought your Cheongsam wedding dress in advance, you might be wondering how to store it properly before the actual wedding day. Keep in mind that the same rules and tips apply for both cases (storing it before and after the wedding). The only difference is that you'll probably be tempted to look at it on a daily basis before your big day. Some brides want to try it on few times before the actual ceremony. That's understandable, but there's the possibility of damaging it if you don't handle it very carefully each time.

Every time you take your dress out of the wardrobe, you risk staining it. Therefore, make sure you always have clean and dry hands when you're putting it on, and don't wear any lotions or perfumes since those can easily transfer onto the fabric. Keep your dress away from places to which young children or animals have access.

A Chinese bride in a beautiful red Cheongsam wedding dress.

The same rules apply for storing your Cheongsam wedding dress before and after the actual wedding day

#2 Be cautious when it comes to cleaning before storing your Cheongsam wedding dress

Before storing it away, you may want to clean your wedding dress if there's a need for it. Keep in mind that machine washing could damage your Cheongsam. Its delicateness probably won't withstand the harsh tumble and spinning of the washer and dryer.

Hand washing is a risky choice because it can leave creases and damage the embellishments. You should be very careful to ensure not to mess with the quality of the dress and use a mild detergent only. It goes without saying, but don't use bleach or hang the dress under the sun. It would cause the color of the dress to fade off and weaken the threads. Hang your dress in a well-ventilated area and dry it thoroughly before storing it. Ironing is possible only with low heat, but there's still a risk of burning and damaging the fabric. If you iron the dress, be sure to put a damp cloth between the iron and the material. That's how you avoid softening and color change.

Considering all of this, dry cleaning may be the safest option if you need to clean the dress (either before or after the wedding). Pay special attention to the label with instructions on your gown.

#3 Find a cool, dry, and dark place

Prevent the fabric of your dress from coming into contact with any rough or sharp objects. They could hook the fine weave and cause dulling or frayed threads. Don't roll up sleeves on your dress, as it can cause creasing and stretching. If your Cheongsam has beading, be sure to remove any plastic covering from around the dress to avoid the possibility of:

  • Moisture
  • Mold
  • Mildew.

Cover the beading with acid-free tissue paper as protection. When choosing a garment bag, you should opt for a breathable one. Adding a few silica gel packs in the garment bag will ensure absorbing any moisture. A dress that is properly stored in a garment bag is safe for transportation in case you're moving from one home to another.

The perfect place for storing your Cheongsam wedding dress is somewhere where it's cool, dry, and dark. You should keep it away from:

  • Direct sunlight
  • Humidity
  • Extreme temperatures.

Avoid keeping it in the attic or basement. You should also avoid storing it with any other clothes or items that are musty or dirty, as odors are easy to transfer. You can use standard mothballs in your wardrobe as protection.

Closet with a lot of clothes

Your wedding dress needs better protection than other, everyday clothes.

#4 Hang your dress in a proper way

Long-term hanging probably won't damage your Cheongsam wedding dress since usually, it isn't too heavy. Don't hang it by the shoulders, but instead use the hanging ribbons that are typically inside the dress. That will ensure the weight is evenly distributed. When choosing a hanger, avoid lightweight or wire ones. Many brides get a good quality hanger along with the dress, so you can use that one. Otherwise, look for one that's strong, broad, and well-padded. Make sure your dress has plenty of space in the wardrobe. If it's crammed in, it can get creased and damaged. You can also lay your gown down flat if you have enough space in your wardrobe or under the bed, considering that the dress is long. Don't fold the dress, as it leaves creases that are very difficult to iron out.

#5 Follow the advice of the chosen fashion company

While there are many helpful tips for storing your Cheongsam wedding dress, the best people to ask about care for your particular dress are those from your chosen fashion company. Every dress is individual in terms of fabric type and embellishment, so not every dress needs the same garment bag or the same hanger. Consulting with professionals will ensure that you don't make any mistakes when taking care of your unique dress.

Enjoy your life after the wedding

If you're planning to move after your wedding, you'll probably search for the best cities for raising a family and starting your married life. There are many places you should consider, including some of the best places in the U.S., so it's essential to do thorough research if you want to make an informed decision. Whichever city you choose, never forget the lovely traditions you bring with you and pass them on to your children.

A newlywed couple standing in a garden.Your Cheongsam wedding dress is just a part of the lovely traditions you bring with you.

All in all

Using these tips for storing your Cheongsam wedding dress will ensure that it lasts. Sentimental memories that your dress holds will also last a lifetime. Timeless and romantic wedding photos will be there to remind you how beautiful and happy you felt in your wedding gown, and it will therefore always be well worth your care. 


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