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7 Tips for an Affordable (and Pandemic-Friendly) Wedding

Your wedding will be the highlight of your life, and making it meaningful and memorable (in a good way) is probably a priority. At the same time, financial strain and stress from the pandemic can make it harder than you thought it would be. True, the pandemic has changed many things. But you can still have a Chinese wedding that feels special and even extravagant with a few budget-friendly tips.

Outline Your Expected Expenses
How to plan an Asian American wedding during a pandemic

Having the wedding of your dreams doesn’t need to cost more than you anticipated. With a few cost-cutting strategies, you can avoid big bills on your big day and still enjoy yourself. Budget tips like keeping the guest list small and hosting the event in your backyard are not only cheaper, but they’re also pandemic protocol-friendly.

Know Your Local Rules

Tips for planning an Asian American wedding during the pandemic

One way that the coronavirus has impacted nuptial events is in the local and national guidelines surrounding gatherings. Since the CDC’s guidelines vary based on location and current statistics on COVID cases, it’s best to research your local rules on in-person get-togethers. In general, the CDC states that smaller indoor or outdoor gatherings that allow for social distancing are not as risky as medium or large gatherings without social distancing.

Hold a Spectacular Intimate Gathering

Intimate Asian American wedding outdoors

Cutting your guest list down might feel disappointing at first. But consider how an intimate wedding can save you money and stress, and you might develop another perspective. With only close family members and friends in attendance, you can also splurge on special menu items or thoughtful wedding favors that your budget wouldn’t have permitted with a longer guest list.   

Head Outdoors for a Unique Event

Tips for Planning a Chinese Wedding During a Pandemic

Holding your wedding outside is an excellent option for many reasons. First, studies suggest that being outdoors might be safer than inside when it comes to the spread of coronavirus. But you can also save money on booking a wedding venue or traveling to a separate wedding site. Depending on the weather, you might choose to hire a tent to provide cover, but even a wintery evening wedding can be fun with fires for s’mores or a dance floor to warm everyone up.

Cover Your Beauty Needs with Care

How to plan a Chinese American wedding during the pandemic

Hiring a makeup artist and a hairstylist might have been on your must-do list for your dream wedding. But in the current climate, it may not be ideal to go to the salon or use your makeup artist’s products. Instead, you can refresh your makeup collection beforehand with advice from your makeup artist. Then, you’ll have your own germ-free products to use on your wedding day and beyond. You can also save money on your beauty must-haves with Ulta coupons and online offers.

Choose Low-Budget and Low-Risk Entertainment

Tips for planning an Asian American wedding during a pandemic

Playing socially distanced yard games is an excellent way to get your guests having a good time without sharing germs, suggests Rolling Stone. For a backyard wedding, you can set up lawn games like bowling, horseshoes, or badminton. Or you can even DIY equipment like giant Jenga blocks or cornhole — whatever you and your guests enjoy.

Embrace an Off-Beat Ceremony

Tips for planning an Asian American wedding during a pandemic

If you don’t have your heart set on a specific type of venue or ceremony, choosing an offbeat wedding event could help you avoid overspending and better stick to pandemic guidelines. For example, you could arrange to live stream your wedding and have family and friends attend via video chat. Another option is a “drive-in” wedding where your guests stay socially distanced in their vehicles and watch the ceremony from a bit of a distance.

Thinking creatively can help you to save on wedding expenses as well as create memories you’ll never forget. But whatever wedding plans you have in mind, modifying them for your safety and enjoyment is essential. After all, no one remembers their wedding day for the money they spent — your new spouse and loved ones are what really matters. For more inspiration on adding both traditions and modern touches to your upcoming Chinese wedding, visit East Meets Dress today!


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