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Imaginative and Fabulous Wedding Venue Ideas

What does your dream wedding look like? Whether you’re dreaming of a modern Asian wedding or something more traditional, when deciding on the perfect venue, you want a location that will be memorable and unique.

Explore these unique ideas from East Meets Dress to feed your imagination.

1. First things first.

Whatever sort of location you choose, there are a handful of basic points you should consider that impact your selection. Your venue directly affects the number of guests you invite, your wedding budget, decorations, and attire. Bridal Guide suggests sitting down with your partner and discussing the following:

  • Size. How many people will be in your wedding party, and how many guests do you anticipate?
  • Budget. List all your expenses and work on firming up your numbers. Consider your photographer, caterer, decorations, dresses, gifts, and honeymoon—the works! Whatever expenses you and your beloved anticipate should be tallied. 
  • Review. Weigh your options and what sort of venue you are dreaming of, and view photos from the specific locations you’re considering. It’ll help you envision your own wedding in those locations.
  • Pick dates. When you narrow down your selection, pick out some dates and ensure the venue you’re considering is available, then plan accordingly. 
2. Choosing a location.

Be creative when deciding on a venue. Are you wanting a day that is elegant, or is fun-loving more your style? Do you want an adventurous-feeling event or one that’s soothing and romantic? Here are some ideas for brainstorming:

  • Backyard. Backyard weddings offer up a cozy, comfortable spot to start your life together. When weighing your budget, include the costs of rental chairs and any local fees or permits required. Consider spicing it up by installing an arbor or pergola for the occasion (Thumbtack notes the national average cost to build a pergola is about $3,600). Keep in mind that any upgrades you make to your home to accommodate your wedding can give it a higher value during its appraisal should you ever decide to sell it, so you’ll see ROI long after your wedding day.
  • National Park. For a location that is more nature-oriented, Brides suggests considering a garden or park setting. Everything from waterfalls to deserts to rain forests are options, so do some research before you decide. Some national parks require special permits, and certain desirable photo locations can be difficult to reach. Consider your options along with the logistics of your ceremony. 
  • City Hall. City hall is a traditional and inexpensive location, and it’s an option to consider for more than just runaway weddings. Buildings are typically historic, offering terrific backdrops for your photography, and usage is normally budget-friendly. Check with local authorities for any fees involved and to reserve space for your event. 
  • Hotels. Hotels offer some obvious advantages, since the wedding party and guests have a built-in location for their stay. As some experts note, hotels are also pros at hosting sizable events, so you can take advantage of their expertise. Larger hotels typically offer varied facility options and can potentially help with catering and décor. Inquire about your options and corresponding fees.
  • Barn. Is a countryside wedding appealing to you? Farms and barns offer a fresh-air beginning to your life together. There are commercial barns that host special events routinely and are set up with their own chairs and tables, or you can seek out a local facility to give your wedding a more down-on-the-farm flair, and rent furniture. 
  • Museum. If holding your wedding in a historic location is your style, you could opt for a museum wedding venue. Pick a subject you’re passionate about or a setting that excites you. You’ll have a built-in backdrop for your photos along with a memorable atmosphere. Depending on your choice, you can enjoy modern and chrome, classic and columns, or earthy and natural. Reach out to your potential locations for specifics on fees and available rooms.
3. Location inspirations.

Everything about your big day will hinge on your venue, so decide on some specifics before choosing your location. Then do some research and find the ideal spot for your special day. Be creative and bring your own flair to whatever option you choose. With a little imagination, you’ll make your dream wedding a reality!


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